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The name Super Boof of this strain wants you to underestimate its potential. However, when you hit this cart, the gotcha moment will have you calling it everything except boof. You can expect sharp notes of cherry and citrus with Hemp undertones.

Our Super Boof Honeyroot Extrax Cartridge is a 2 gram Sativa strain that is a blend of Live Resin HHC + HHC-O + HHC-P.


  • Strain specific organic terpene profiles
  • 2000mg Per Cartridge (HHC, HHC-O & HHC-P)
  • Compatible with most 510 thread batteries
  • Collaboration between Honeyroot Wellness and Delta Extrax
  • Live Resin extraction for most potent flavoring

Super Boof Honeyroot Extrax Live Resin Cartridges | 2 grams

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