Taking e-cigarettes back to the drawing board

Like first-generation e-cigarettes, known as "cigalikes," Pod systems are designed to be simple to use, meant for smokers looking to kick the habit while still offering a lung pull solution with no additional buttons. 

Since the form and function are similar to a normal analog
cigarette, Pods systems offer an upgrade to traditional cigalike brands and enable the user to choose the contents of their "pod" or buy from pre-filled pods.

Pod systems are based on the same principles 
as a standard cigalike but brought radically up to date. While most cigalikes are limited by their small size, pod systems are generally larger, but still comfortable to hold. This allows for more battery and juice capacity per pod.

Where pods differ from traditional vape mods, is that the pod is basically a throw-
away clearomiser. For most new vapers, the pods deliver a great nicotine hit but are also disposed
of after their juice is used up, making sure there are never any burnt coils to fuss with.

This is definitely a newer adaptation and we will see just how popular pod systems will become. In the meantime, why not check out what we have to offer by visiting either of our Austin locations where some of the most popular pod systems are sold!